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I would think Pogo would have come up with something much more appealing to their guests ( customers ) than a free shirt. would be nice if it were an actual shirt.I agree with betsybug, SmilingMe said some ugly and hateful things.

Claim a free holiday guest pass and play exclusive Club Pogo games for 30 days absolutely FREE.Register for free access to over 100 games or join Club Pogo for ad-free gaming for.

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Yes, POGO, give us something besides mini items to use tokens for.But I am sure pogo has lost a lot of customers from this and all there issues with java.It would be more advertisement for pogo if we could use them for shirts and hats and such.I realize we are given occasional free games, which is great and much appreciated.Well, maybe one day when they get old and see for themselves what it is like to have arthritis, visual problems and everything else that comes along with age.

Then go to rewards and the letter C and redeem for the club pogo pass Click HERE from the Recycle.Enter your email address to subscribe to Free Stuff Times and receive notifications of new.After all, they give us a 100 free gems for renewing membership.

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Need help getting tokens and club pogo badges, home to the famous cheats for online club games on Pogo, plus cheats, autos, tools, and helpers for Yahoo, Pogo, Hoyle.Two Free issues of. 17. Free 14 day Club Pogo pass and 50,00 tokens.Where is the incentive to keep my membership, if i can only buy a plain mini.

I am not a Chess player and the Dice Derby badge seems impossible to get but if I could buy the badge (one for every year) I would have all of the badge albums up to date other than the gem bought albums.Club Pogo: Enjoy 1 Month FREE Trial- Freebies Play over 100 games like solitaire, gin and puzzles without ad interruptions.Discover the secrets to earning more Pogo tokens in less time with the Pogo Token Secrets PDF guide from BadgeHungry.I agree with the guy suggesting to raise the price of the membership, will we be losing more of those squallers.Pogo should let us use tokens for all items from mini mall, instead of raking us threw the coals from our bank accounts.Get the commemorative Club Pogo Turns 10 Shirt for your Mini and sport it with pride.

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Free stuff in 72 categories of the newest free stuff by mail only at Freaky Freddies.I also think we should be able to buy gems with tokies or game episodes.I guess what I am suggesting are some types of compromise where both gems can be bought but tokens are worth something.

FREE 2-Week Club Pogo Pass and 25,000 Pogo Tokens, Deals, Coupons, Free Stuff, 0 replies 7,000 Free Pogo Tokens (Daily) 7 Years Club Pogo.Site called Wonder how long this will be posted.Our yearly dues are enough considering you can play games on Facebook for free.And I am sick of people who come on here to do nothing but bash other commentators.

Ok, Here is a way to get 3 FREE months of Club Pogo using Recyclebank points.As a Love Pogo member I want to pitch in and help keep the standards up in all areas.With this past you can enjoy all your favorite Pogo games without interruption.But I know what I can afford and can,t, so I just play for fun, and since I stay home allot, because I am dissabled and only live on fixed income, I,m not going to complain about what I would like tohave. websites -, Welcome to

How about an album for tokens, or some mix and match now and then.

Karen is absolutely right, tokens did have monetary vslue for money prizes at the beginning and I see no problem with offering gems for tokens in virtual reality.

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Maybe a game where you use tokens to actually play the game and the prizes would be better.You will need 750 Recyclebank points to do this or 200 My Coke Rewards Points. First.Some of my friends I have met have become lifelong, and wonderful friends.You can join Free Pogo and get access to over 100 free games, chances.That being said it would be a nice option to be able to convert tokens to gems, I know last year(or very early this year) someone started a petition to get POGO to make it an option to convert tokens to gems, I signed it at least 2x but it would be nice to know if it was ever given to POGO and how the idea was received by them.I already have a bundle of backgrounds because I have been a member long enough to have stocked up before gems were created, but there are a lot fewer backgrounds being made these days for tokens.Like playing those for the challenge, but not buying gems to get them.

With over 100 free online games, Pogo is part of the big EA sports, offering not only free but paid subscriptions to their gaming service.A kindergarden would be a better place for those unrealistic people, truly believing that their 40 dollars is the end of the world, they should get the world for it.

I have been a member for 10 years, Pogo is a life saver for me.Pogo is offering the following freebies and discounts as part of Club Pogo Membership Appreciation Week.With Club Pogo you can play fun and exciting games such as card, board and puzzle games free of charge with no ads.

This requires a little work, but the Club Pogo membership usually costs \.99 for a year.


A discount for a certain amount of tokies toward yearly subscription.

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You can earn tokens to cash out for chances to win prizes or to freebie points vouchers equal free gift card certificates from online stores like Amazon,.An easy way to get free pogo gems just spending few minutes of. 2012Pogo gems can be used by Club Pogo subscribers to get premium stuff like Premium BadgeAlbums.Club Pogo Passes dawnmystic wrote in freestuff July 14th, 2006.I have all the badges for as long as I have been a member other than the Chess badges and one Dice Derby of which I have tried over and over again to get.

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